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Create your own quotes

One of the key features of Proquotes is that it allows its users and subscribers to create their own quotes with different format. Our subscribers and users can create quote simply in the text , image or video and other formats.

User friendly

The application is extremely easy to navigate be it to access the quotes or to design you own quotes it does require a complex and complicated process. Also users/ subscribers can login into the application using Google or Facebook.


Notifications are a great way of knowing what is the current activity taking place on the application, without actually opening the application. Also when subscribers create their own quotes , they can be notified if anyone has commented or liked their quotes.

Safety First

The safety of our subscribers/users is our top priority, we have made sure we have provided a space for our users to report abuse or also report any content they find offensive. We also have given the user/subscriber to block content they find offensive.


Proquotes updates their quotes twice a month, it also allows its users to create their own content, providing them with new and exciting content. They can upload content in the form of video, text and image quotes.


Proquotes offers a space for advertisement. Businesses that would like to access a wider base for their products can use this space to advertise. We offer two types of advertisements : Pop-Up and Banner

Subscription Plan

We offer our user plans that they can subscribe to, based on their needs and requirements. These plans come with a slew of unique features that can be unlocked and used to create their content by subscribing to the plan.

Gold Plan

The gold subscription plan unlocks a whole multitude of features. Subscribers get a ad free application, also they can add unlimited text, image and video quotes to pre-defined categories. Editing quotes, accessing a photo or video from the gallery or access to the application’s images are made accessible. Subscribers can also create new and innovative categories. Text images and videos can be uploaded edited and changed. The cost for this $3.99 which is automatically renewed every month.

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