Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I use the Proquotes App?

A: We have released the App in the Apple Store, and Google Play stores based on your phone, please download the App. The App is free to download.

2. Is the APP free to use?

A: App is free for all. Read and view general quotes. Write and post text quotes free of cost. However, if you use our premium features, you need to subscribe.

3. What is your subscription model?

A: We have two plans to offer -- Silver Plan & Gold Plan Silver Plan Subscribers can enjoy access to posting unlimited quotes and read a variety of daily quotes by subscribing to this plan. The cost for this $1.99, which is automatically renewed every month. The added advantage of this plan is that it offers ad-free content, and subscribers are free to read and create quotes without the added hassle of advertisements. Gold Plan The gold subscription plan unlocks a whole multitude of features. Subscribers get an ad-free application. Also, they can add unlimited text, image, and video quotes to pre-defined categories. Editing quotes, accessing a photo or video from the gallery, or access to the application’s images are made accessible. Subscribers can also create new and innovative categories. Text images and videos can be uploaded edited and changed. The cost for this $4.99 which is automatically renewed every month.

4. Do you have a monthly plan?

A: Yes, all are subscription is monthly, and you can cancel its seven days before the autorenewal.

5. How can I advertise in your APP?

A: You can opt for a banner advertisement that will scroll for a minute and cover advertisement as per your choice. You can also OPT for POP-UP advertisement, wherein the ad will appear full screen. Charges vary based on the content.

6. Can I post the quote from my Image gallery?

A: Yes, Proquotes allow you to post the quote from your gallery or open your camera and click an image. One can edit the image and add quote details.

7. How do I pay?

A: You can make an in-app purchase through you Apple pay, google pay or any credit card

8. Can I share my quote with my friends on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media?

A: Yes, you can share the quote with your friends on social media.

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