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I am Eric Arranaga, and for the last 30 years I have been setting tiles . I have worked hard and taught the values of hard work to my daughter as well. Working 12 to 14 hours day was not always easy and every day I would read quotes or inspiring/motivational stories that encouraged me to keep going back to same hard work .Quotes helped broaden my horizons and I realized that every day comes with a new set of opportunities and possibilities.
When I retired, I decided to create and develop an application which was very close to my heart- "Quotes" The main purpose was to reach out to people like me who would look forward to read the quotes and feel mtoivated and positive each day to face new challenges in life. The repetitiveness of life will come down, if people read quotes. Therefore, PROQUOTES and the birth of application which will enlighten, motivate and inspire us to work harder and realize you live only once, so enjoy life and live to the fullest and love what you do.


Our Vision

We at proquotes are rooted in the philosophy that a quote can have a positive influence on people. We want to be able to make a significant change by inspiring people to do better or just to keep going to be the best versions of themselves.

We also want to give them a platform to voice out their thoughts , let their creativity flow and have a judgemental free space to pen their thoughts.

Our Mission

We at proquotes are passionate about quotes be, our beliefs are rooted in the ideology that quotes have a significant and important role to play.

Quotes are small but they pack a solid punch and our quest to develop and create content that resonates with people across all ages and sections.

Create and connect with people having the similar beliefs

Pen your thoughts and create new quotes

Let videos and images quotes do the talking

Motivate and inspire through quotes

Proquotes was designed and created to explore the possibilities of quotes to bring about a constructive effect on people. The philosophy is to shift a person’s perception and outlook on situations and circumstances. Quotes had a profound impact on me and through this application I want to share the positive power quotes have to transform us for the better. Pro quotes application has a variety of predefined categories of quotes to choose from. The application allows the user to share quotes across various social media platforms as well. The application makes it possible to create quotes in image, text and video formats. Our subscription plans allow the access to additional features as advertisement free use, access to unlimited text read an assortment of quotes daily and other features.

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