The streets have started looking bright and colorful, painted with lights, and the positive festive vibes are in the air. Though, the vibes come with a little caution this time around.

Christmas is about decorating homes, family gatherings, exchanging gifts, and a lot more. Every year, weeks before Christmas, people start preparing for the day, make travel plans, and buy gifts for family and friends.

2020 has been a strange year in many ways, and the COVID has wholly changed many lives. People have started working on their celebration plans, but there is a fear at the back of their minds. There are still over 2 million active cases. The good news is the vaccine distribution has started, but it will time to reach everyone.

The celebrations will happen, but below are some unusual things you may see during this year’s festivities. After all, unusual circumstances require exceptional solutions.

Family Gatherings done Online – 2020 has changed how people gather and meet over holidays. Those who plan to organize family dinners and get together are planning to do it in small numbers. The majority will avoid meeting friends and family members from different states. Even though people will be celebrating as they do every year, they will have to plan everything, ensuring no one is taking the virus back with them. People may have to monitor their health till Christmas Eve, and they may go out and go to social gatherings only if there are no symptoms.

Less travel - Compared to any other year, a loProQuotes Appt of people are avoiding travel this year. Many people make travel plans post-Christmas and celebrate their New Year at a destination of their choice. However, it looks like this year, most people will be celebrating the festive week in their city.

Small Shops Are In Demand – A lot of people are choosing to send across gifts online. During this pandemic, small shops have gained popularity. Sending gifts online instead of shopping for them in person and exchanging them physically has been largely trending. 

For Christmas, gifting shops and applications are offering customized gifting options. A lot of unique ideas for gifting are being seen. One such unique application is, which lets the user read and experience text quotes, video quotes and share them, thus enabling users to spread the festivities joy through quotes with their friends and family. The tool also allows users to create, personalize, and post unique video quotes from a number of categories such as Intelligence, Inspiration, Beauty, Smile, Mom, Birthday, Faith, etc. It is available for download on both iOS and Android. This makes it ideal for Christmas. 

The way we celebrate the festive may be different this time, but the enthusiasm and mood we celebrate are not going to change. While it may be a very Covid Christmas, with hygiene and social distancing at its core, it will be a different and unusual Christmas that everyone will remember. 

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