The Era of a pandemic is stressful because we are scared of getting infected or infecting someone else, and financial issues. People who are already depressed and feeling anxious may feel more aggravate and the people who have the habit of being busy are feeling alone and depressed in this situation. People Miss their family and friends outside the house.

We all are facing national trauma and hence to overcome this we have to take some steps to keep ourselves calm and busy.

1.       Maintain Routine: 

When you are at home and have lots of time don’t mess up with your routine. Getting little or extra sleep, being lazy can make you more depressed. Make a routine for sleep, eating, and exercise. This will make you feel peaceful.

2. Limit Consumption of news:

It is essential to be informed but sensational or unreliable news can increase your anxiety. Limit the time of how often you check the news and social media or make sure you rely on reputable sources.

3.     Express Gratitude:

Even in the darkest night, one star can make you feel enlightened. Similarly with all the negativity around you found that star like a phone call from a true friend or your loved ones and sometimes a ray of sunshine can also become your enlightened star.

Gratitude always interludes the negativity in life and can boost your mood.         

4.     Find Joy in Little things:

When we cannot force ourselves to uplift ourselves but we can try to find fun in little things like listen to your favorite music, watch funny videos or movies, etc.

You can also cultivate a hobby, do things you always want to but never got time for like learning dancing, painting, cooking, or writing quotes, and share it with friends

These tiny things can really uplift your mood and make you feel excited and alive.

5. Get Distracted:

Do the things that distract you from negativity and depression. Be busy doing things that excite you. Channel your mind in productive things so that negative thoughts cannot lead you in the wrong way. Share good quotes on ProQuotes so that it can prevent others from choosing the wrong ways.


We understand that this is a difficult time and most important thing is to survive. Use this time to think about your life and real values like what you really want to do and are you happy leading this life if not find different ways.

When you will be free from this pandemic you might appreciate your freedom, relation and life more.

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