With the new year comes new beginnings, every new year brings with it a sense of hope and carries an air of positivity. Every new year also brings a resolve to change to be better, and to let go off the things that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. Every new year feels like an opportunity to try and do our best and work hard towards achieving all our goals and desires.

 We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we do not take time to appreciate the small joys in our lives, we do not stop to take a breath and just detox ourselves. It’s crucial to step back reflect and introspect on how we could do better.

Make a List

This new year make a list one column should be your accomplishments and another where you were not as successful as you wished to have been. Now break it down see what you did right and where you missed the mark. Once you do that just take the lessons you learnt from them and carry them forward to next year. Make a list of those lessons, learn from them and improvise on them. Success makes for a great motivator but remember to stay rooted and true to yourself and then there is no stopping you.

Reasonable Goals

Due to our enthusiasm and fervor of new year, we end up setting unreasonable goals for ourselves. This instead of being a motivation can be your set back as it would not be possible to achieve them. Any goals you make should be a carefully crafted plan that is based on your knowledge of yourself. Sometimes we may succumb to peer pressure and that is never going to work out. Set goals for a 3, 6, 9- and 12-month tenure or any timeline you feel comfortable with. Its your dreams and you know the best way to achieve it.

Rejuvenate and Refresh

 We all have some sort of a stress or strain on us and we face them constantly and overcome them as well. Facing this does drain us and when we know we have reached our limit its time we pause. Detox, take a break, pursue your passion and then go back to your routine. Its extremely important to take care of our soul, mind and heart because if these three are in a good shape and condition then the sky is the limit for you. It’s important to rejuvenate, refresh and come back with a bang.

The End

In the end the most important aspect of incorporating new habits and inculcating new routines in our lives is to be happy and fulfilled, take small steps, no one is expecting you to be the best version of yourself overnight, it’s a journey, make the journey a stunning one. Once you reach your destination it should invoke only positive emotions and you should feel a sense of tranquility.

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