Roles are predefined, people are put into boxes, every title carries with it a regulation within which you are to exist, and we sub consciously conform to these rules. Anything contradictory and out of the roles defined for us is considered or perceived as a threat. Unconsciously we all have been a victim of stereotyping, but as we all know change is inevitable, regulations are changing, there is no more surviving in the box you have been put and world is filled with a lot more color , then just black and white, stereotypes are breaking perceptions are changing and we no longer need titles to defined. Its not been an easy change, and though the battle is won, the war is still on going. Let’s look at a few ways on how we can change this cycle and do away with stereotypes:

Tips and Tricks to change perceptions and break stereotypes

Do not let others define who you are:

In order to be the best version of yourself you need to know who you are, do not let opinions of people especially those who critique you, or point out your flaws be the guiding light of how you look at yourself.

Wear your flaws with pride

 Yes we are humans, and no we are not perfect, perfection is an illusion, and there is not point in chasing an illusion, instead accept your flaws, wear it on you as your armor because the moment you do that , you take away the option from people to use your flaws to bring you down.

Be the author of your own Story

its your story, you get to decide how you want to play it out. Remember your mind is your most powerful ally, and the minute you let your mind take on a positive outlook, become more confident in your skin, then there is no stopping you as you will chip and break all chains that cage and confine you.

Bucket Loads of Faith, mixed with Hope and a dash of Passion

Faith hope and passion, these three things are hat we all need in life to succeed, grow and evolve. Life sometimes may throw you certain curveballs or you may reach a crossroad, but believe that you can, and you will, determination and grit along with hard work will lead you to succeed. 

A fascinating Journey

Over a period we have seen stereotypes break and people emerging from these to create a new path and make their own rules. We have seen this happen, now roles are not gender specific, glass ceilings are breaking, and no human is above the other, an interesting journey which is continuing to inspire and motivate, a much-needed welcome change. Change is inevitable, and this change is for the greater good where everyone defines what and who he wants to be, lets accept and contribute towards these changes.

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