Applications today are vast and varied, there is no dearth of good and valuable applications, but sometimes an application comes along , that changes you, makes you think and also brings about a positivity that leads you to grow and become a better individual.

What is it all About?

Quotes have the power to invoke positive and feel good emotions, they encourage motivate and inspire.

The Proquotes application gives you the platform of quotes, where you get to experience a variety of quotes from several predefined categories. You can choose to get daily quote reminders from your chosen categories.

All of us have some good days and some not so good days, and on days where we feel low, or sad , Proquotes can become your happy place where you can read quotes that would brighten your day or simply put a smile on your face.

Quotes in the form of text, images and videos can be created on the application and uploaded. These quotes you create can be shared across social media platforms as well. Quotes can be reposted as well and shared among others and this would help the spread the message of the quotes.

Highlights and Features of the Application

The proquote application is all about bringing a positive influence through the medium of quotes.

Be it just creating them or reading them the application will give you something to think about.

Create Your Own Quotes

Creating quotes can be just as much fun Proquotes has three categories of quotes you can use to create your own fascinating quotes. Create a simple text quote where just the quote is added or an image quote where an image along with the quote can be added or a video quote can be created. And we have gallery as well from where images can be chosen to create your own quotes


The application also offers subscription plans, which include the gold and silver subscription plans, these plans unlock a plethora of features which makes the application an even more captivating one. 

Safety of Users

The safety of users is of utmost important and not only can you block offensive content but can also report the same to our support team. Reporting abuse is the first step to making sure we can correct the abuse. We take stringent measures against offensive content.

User Friendly

One important aspect while designing the application was to make it extremely user friendly. From creating quotes be it text, image or video, or simply sharing and reposting quotes is easy and hassle free.


One enticing feature of Proquotes is the advertising aspect of the application. Businesses can advertise on the application and it is a great platform to reach out to a larger customer base and widen your customers lists. We offer the Pop up and Banner style of advertising available.

Notifications and Bookmarks

As quotes are meant to create a positive outlook, the feature of notification will come in handy for this purpose. You can use the notification feature to be notified of new updates of quotes or set up a daily reminder to be notified when new quotes are uploaded. Bookmarks are another highlight of the application , you can always bookmark quotes you would like to go back and read or bookmark those quotes that have made a difference to you so that you could always go back and read it.

Sharing Across Platforms

Proquotes was developed with the idea to reach out to as many people and to make a significant change through quotes, in order to stay true to this purpose we have added feature where quotes on the Proquotes application, be it from the pre-defined categories or quotes that have been created can be shared across various social media platform.


Come be a part of the Proquotes Application

Proquotes application has been created to reach out to people, to inspire and motivate everyone that they can do and be whatever they want if they do not give up. Our quotes are chosen to reflect and believe that with grit and integrity there is nothing an individual cannot achieve. They say a pen is mightier than the sword, and you can experience this through our application as words truly do have the power to create a powerful and motivating impact.

Do download our applications and experience the application and notice the changes it would bring out in you.



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