Experiences , circumstance and situations , shape, form and mold us into who we are.

Strong yet vulnerable, wary yet hopeful scared yet optimistic and happy yet cautious. 

Every single person has experience grief , heartbreak , failure and loss. Every individual has a different way of dealing with these things , different coping mechanisms to overcome these losses. The lesson that we should take away from this is that holding on these emotions will never help us in any way. Its okay to cry, its OK to vent out , but always remember once you let it out of your system , make sure its stays out. Do not let these be the foundation of your future decisions. 

Let loss and grief make you stronger. Take the time to heal, but at the same time do not forget that this too shall pass, and you will come out a better and stronger version of yourself. Its okay to be take time to work on yourself, because only when you are aware of what you are , only then will you become who you are meant to be.

Letting go such simple words, yet if the art of letting go is mastered it can become the building blocks of your foundation. The longer we allow for negative thoughts, unhappy emotions and self-doubt to fester, it will become an malignant wound that will not only affect you , but will bleed into everything you do and not in a good way. 

As you are the master and writer of your own destiny , you get to decide how you want your story to end, yes you will face hardships , yes you will fail sometimes, but they should not be the defining moments of your lives. At these times go back remember your success story , recall those moments where you truly felt happy and this will automatically make you happy. Accept the failure, learn from that failure, make it a life lesson to remember, and the let it go.

Letting go is an art and in order to become a perfectionist in that art , take baby steps, start small , every morning let go of something that you think is holding you back and practice it.

Use the negativity to turn it around into a positive opportunity. When graced with a difficult task or phase, make a list of how many ways you can succeed, look at the bright side instead of the dark side, give it everything you have. And let go all your fears and give it your best shot , and then watch everything fall in place.

Let it go , let your fears and insecurities fly away and make home for smiles and contentment and then watch the world become a brighter place.

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