Are you feeling lost and confused? If yes, don’t worry because it is not all on your shoulders. Primarily it is the culture you have been raised in. It is onerous to find the time to sit down and reflect in a go go go mentality and fanatical society in accelerating environments. In this modern era, we emphasize status and money, and then while growing up media and advertisement taught and shape us instead of books and teachers. These all things consolidated in our psychology. 

On average a human has 60000 – 80000 thoughts in a day many of them are repeated and negative. Hence it does not leave room for growth and change. We do read the self-motivation and motivational quotes because it stays with the mind

When you are feeling directionless and steps you take don’t feel right. Take a pause and look around your life if it is surrounded by unfinished things, thoughts of doing best next time, want to make an impact but not able to make decisions that line up with the core of who you are then you are oblivious of yourself. Even if you make enough money and buy things you love but it doesn’t make you happy and there is a constant feeling of emptiness then it’s time for shaking up. 

The emancipation comes with ambivalence and all new sense of freedom and purpose. You have to establish an understanding of bonding with yourself first. You have to make a decision that makes you happy and feels good. It all sounds marvelous, right? Let’s see how to start then.

Start with small motivational quotes and build a habit of introspection into your life. Follow the below steps

  1. Create your space: 

The idea of my kind of space differs from person to person. For some, it’s a quiet beach and for some, it’s a corner of the house. Just make sure it’s just you who will interrupt yourself. Have a good and serious me time. It will be more helpful if it is regularly at the same time, the same place. 

  1. Ask Questions: 

Now when you have me time let’s do the self-evaluation and ask yourself serious questions like

·        What is your deepest passion? 

·        What sets your soul on fire? 

·        What do you love about yourself most? 

·        What are your values?  

·        If you are the richest person in the world how would you spend your time? 

These are an example, craft some questions of your own which will give you a closer look at yourself and keep in mind you are trying to uncover the real you. 

3.     Cultivate Good Habits: 

Your daily habits mold you in the shape of what you are today. If you want to be the best version of yourself cultivating some new and good habits like reading books, writing and reading good thoughts on ProQuotes, doing some exercise or yoga, etc. These will calm your mind and helps you to concentrate

4.     Note it Down: 

It is always suggested that while enjoying me time keep a pen and paper. Note down your thoughts and reflections so that you can look back on them. Sometimes you should just enjoy the moment and let the thought come and go but at the times of self-assessment, you should know what your thoughts are and why they occur.

5.     Reap Reward of Self Knowledge: 

The more often you will introspect, the more clarity you will get about your goals, life, and yourself. We always master things if we do it on regular basis. 

How ProQuotes app help you in a process of introspection: 

ProQuotes app has thousands of quotes about life, positivity, self-motivation and the list goes on. These quotes will guide you through the process of introspection and reflection. Quotes can tell you why you should never lose yourself, how the positivity can affect you, how to treat yourself, and keep working on yourself to be the best of you.  


Introspection and reflection are all about knowing yourself in and out, uncovering the morals, deciding what is best for yourself, take wise action. Now the power is no more in the system that tries to hold you back, the way you constrain, and hand over the power of control back where it belongs, within you.

You will get the most out of yourself only when you know who you are and how you would like to be. When you know where your happiness lies, nobody can stop you from being happy, successful, and lead a life worth living.

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